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SHR Laser hair removal


 Full Legs / Brazilian Underarms  

Normally $250 Now $150 or 

10 sessions $1300

 Bikini / Underarms  

Normally $60 Now only $50 or 10 sessions $400

 Chin / Upper Lip  Normally $50 Now only $40 or 10 sessions $300 

Winter uplifting package



Did you know that colder weather is not good for our skin? 

 Changes in temperature, heating, hot showers, cold air and wind  dehydrate and devitalize our skin often leaving it rough, dry and  sometimes flaky. 

Our Winter Uplifting Package is just in time to boost your skin so you ……. (benefit?) all through winter. 

It includes 5 luxurious treatments in one package: 

Vitamin C & Nourishing Facial

A Full Skin Consultation

Coffee/Mint Back Wrap

Aromatherapy Back Massage

Aromatherapy Hand/Arm Massage

Plus a Coffee Voucher

Total Value of $250

Only $125.

 This offer will only be available until 31 July

We only have 20 of these packages so you need to be quick to grab one  today – once purchased they are valid until 30 November 2019 

Skin needling


 Also known as “micro-needling therapy”, fine needles puncture the skin  creating a micro wound or channel. This triggers the production of  collagen and elastin in the papillary dermis. Improves skin texture,  firmness and hydration.