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Healthy Collagen and elastin stimulated Increases product penetration Improves skin texture Reduces pore size Reduces fine lines & wrinkles Assists in eliminating congestion in the skin Stimulates Hair Growth, used in synergy with ampoules

Micro Glowing Peel Treatment $250



​What is GetGlowing Micro-peel?

The GetGlowing Micro-Peel is a treatment in which a cream is applied to the skin to

encourage the exfoliation of dead skin cells and debris while stimulating the skin’s natural

renewal process. The GetGlowing Micro-peel is tailored to fit a clients’ individual skin

type and long-term goals.

What results will I see?

The GetGlowing Micro-peel is designed to refine skin texture damaged by environmental

factors and skin conditions such as acne. The procedure assists in smoothing fine lines and

evening out skin discoloration. It improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of acne

scars and environmental damage to the skin. With each additional Micro-Peel procedure,

you will notice incremental improvements in the overall appearance of the skin.

Will my client experience any downtime?

For approximately one week following the procedure, the skin will undergo a renewal

process, lightly shedding its dead outer layer. Depending on the skin, your client may or

may not experience peeling. If peeling occurs, it usually begins four to five days following

the treatment and lasts for approximately three days. In addition, your client may

experience mild itching, dryness and redness.

How long does the treatment take?

Your client will need to be in the clinic for about 30 minutes. The peeling may be done on

its own, after a facial treatment or after deep pore cleansing treatment.